By – Red WritingHood

Hi, you know who you bitches are. We’ve probably even been friends, because I am a mom- shamer, as well. … More

The Pain is Real

By – Ramblin Woman

  Have you ever worked out for the first time in a year when you haven’t even been on your feet much; even just a basic workout? Have you felt that level of pain the next day?   … More

Terrorism The New Thug


Living in a time where monthly we all stop what we are doing to stare in horror at the death toll brought on by the hands of one man, I find it odd the lack of terrorist that seem to be behind it. Well at least according to the human interest pieces that are written with no mention of the word. So if they aren’t the terrorists, than who are? … More

Tongariro Alpine Crossing New Zealand

By- Marvelex

The view isn’t always worth it. … More

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a Food Addict

By- Ramblin Woman

Trying to be a healthy person and get into shape is probably one of the hardest things for a fat person to do. … More

What a Time to be Alive

By- Mirella K.N

Talking ‘Bout A Re(presenta)tion in Film & Television … More

5 Things & Backpacking


Here is a list of the 5 things I could do without when it comes to travelling around this wondrous world of ours. … More